The highest price of the day for a particular futures contract. Chicago Board of Trade glossary
The top price paid for a commodity or its option in a given time period, usually a day or the life of a contract. The CENTER ONLINE Futures Glossary
The highest price that a security traded at during a certain time period. London Stock Exchange Glossary
The highest execution price of a trade that day, or on the last trading day. NYSE Euronext Glossary

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I. high high 1 [haɪ] noun [countable]
the largest amount, figure, value etc in a particular period of time:

• Advancing stocks again led as 162 issues reached new highs and only 14 dropped to new lows.

hisˌtoric ˈhigh also hisˌtorical ˈhigh FINANCE
the highest level ever reached:

• Oil stocks are at historic highs.

ˌintraday ˈhigh FINANCE
the highest level reached in a financial market on a particular day:

• The dollar reached an intraday high of 104.95 yen.

ˌlife-of-ˈcontract ˌhigh FINANCE
in futures the highest level reached during a particular contract:

• Cotton futures prices set life-of-contract highs on continued concerns about tight supply.

ˌrecord ˈhigh FINANCE
the highest level ever reached:

• London share prices closed at record highs Thursday.

ˌsession ˈhigh FINANCE
the highest level reached on a financial market in a particular trading session:

• The share price ended up at 33, which is below its session high.

  [m0] II. high high 2 adjective
1. a high amount, number, or level is more than normal, more than average, or more than it was before:

high interest rates

• Property prices remain high.

• A high proportion of female directors are in the 35-to-55 age range.

• Sales to rental car companies made up a high percentage of the vehicles sold by General Motors.

• There is still a high risk that the US currency will fall back during the year.

2. a high position in an organization is an important one:

• He rose swiftly to high office.

— compare low1
  [m0] III. high high 3 adverb
at or to a high amount, number, level etc:

• Prices could go even higher early this year.

• Western-educated technocrats high up in powerful bureaucracies

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high UK US /haɪ/ adjective
greater than the usual level or amount: »

high interest rates/costs/expenses/prices

a high degree/percentage/proportion »

The research evidence all indicates a high degree of customer satisfaction with the product.

[usually before noun] in a position of power, importance, or great influence: »

The firm has been propelled from investment banking's third division to its highest rank.

better than the usual quality or standard: »

She demanded and achieved high standards from those with whom she worked.


The company stresses speed, low cost, and high quality in its products.


The community has a stable work force, good jobs and a high quality of life.

high UK US /haɪ/ noun [C]
a higher level than has been reached previously: »

Stocks end at new highs for the fourth session in a row.

highs and lows — Cf. highs and lows
from on high — Cf. from on high
See also HISTORIC HIGH(Cf. ↑historic high), LIFE-OF-CONTRACT HIGH(Cf. ↑life-of-contract high), RECORD HIGH(Cf. ↑record high), SESSION HIGH(Cf. ↑session high), SKY-HIGH(Cf. ↑sky-high)
high UK US /haɪ/ adverb
at or to a position of greater importance or influence: »

As she rose higher in the firm she began to clash with other top executives.

at or to more than the usual level or amount: »

Interest rates moved higher, in response to signs of an economic rebound.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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